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LinkedIn Lead Generation Recipes
Choose a recipe based on your current skill level using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Recipe

It all starts with an optimized LinkedIn Profile that gets your ideal prospect to take action.
LinkedIn Profile Recipe - Sale Lead Cookbook

Lead Generation Recipe

The proven recipe to prospect on LinkedIn for your ideal client and turn them into a qualified lead.
LinkedIn Lead Generation Recipe

LinkedIn Daily Checklist

Effective LinkedIn lead generation demands consistency. This checklist is your daily to-do-list.
daily 30-minute linkedin checklist

LinkedIn Ads

We explore the ins and outs of creating ads on LinkedIn that provide the desired results.
Coming Soon
Content marketing sales lead recipes
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About The Founder - Greg Cook
Greg Cook - Founder of Sales Lead Recipes

Greg Cook

Why You Should Follow My Sales Lead Recipes...
17 years ago I was a Chief Operating Officer in a large corporation working long hours and constantly putting out fires and constantly feeling unproductive. I was drowning in endless paperwork and not involved in the meat of the business revenue - Sales and Marketing. Working for a national company was just not fun or fulfilling anymore. 

So, I left the corporate world and became an Entrepreneur starting a consulting and digital marketing agency. My passion was to go back to my roots and help business owners and professionals thrive with tested and proven sales lead recipes.
I adopted the exact same marketing processes and techniques I had used previously to grow sales as I climbed the corporate ladder, but with the newer tools of LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation, digital ads instead of newspaper ads, email instead of snail mail, digital newsletters instead of paper versions, and automated digital sales funnels to build a lead list that generated inbound calls. Even marketing research got easier with digital surveys.

Though my budget was smaller than I was used to working with it didn't stop me from applying the marketing strategy and techniques I used in the corporate world. I had worked in a small organization in a marketplace of bigger competitors. They could outspend us but, we played smarter and followed established "recipes" that were built over decades of trial and error. Success is about having the right plan and processes. I call these processes recipes.

Our LinkedIn Sales Lead Recipes help business owners, professionals, and salespeople know exactly where their next client is coming from by building a large and responsive sales pipeline using our proven LinkedIn B2B prospecting, lead generation, and lead nurturing marketing system. 

Our Content Marketing Sales Lead Recipes is the best kept secret to long-term sales success. It takes effort and it's not inexpensive but, the results it provides is unparalleled to all others if you have the time and resources. You can find our social media content done for you services at https://smcontentdfy.com/

These Sales Lead Recipes will consistently and predictably produce new qualified and interested prospects and then put these leads into a system that allows you to easily convert them into new clients and then sell to them again and again.

Let’s have a chat – I’d love to hear about your sales lead recipes and how you use LinkedIn and your social media content strategy. Here is my calendar link - https://calendly.com/greg_cook/ Use it to pick a day and time that works best for you when I'm also available.
What People Are Saying:
LinkedIn is such an incredible lead prospecting platform! I've never been one to embrace social media platforms for prospecting and lead generation. But the LinkedIn Recipe provides sales on demand when I need them.
- Grant Fellows, CA
These LinkedIn Recipes have provided new prospects into my sales funnel each and every month. Adding the content module really boosted my visibility and expert status in my industry.
- Bobby Jones, FL
The Google PPC Digital Ad Recipe was the perfect fit for my store. It brought in the right customers at a time they were happy to buy. And, they brought a friend too!
- Tricia Alice, IL
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