Our Popular LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Recipe
LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Recipe

Don't Leave Your Success To Chance
Discover The Lead Generation Recipe Ingredients
And How To Add Them in the Right Order

The Recipe Contains Seven Key Ingredients...

  • Prospecting For Your Ideal Client
  • Discovering Their Pain Points You Can Solve
  • ​​Converting The Prospects Into A New Lead
  • ​Qualifying These New Leads Between Warm & Hot
  • Nurturing the Leads Until They Are Ready To Buy
  • Establishing You and Your Business as The Expert
  • ​Getting the Sales Appointment
The LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Recipe is the favorite of all our sales lead recipes!

If you want an easy way to prospect for new leads without having to print and mail letters, postcards, make cold calls on the phone or knock on doors, then this Recipe is for you.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:
  • Are you currently reaching out to 50 prospects each and every day?
  • That is 1,000 prospects each month!
  • Do now get 250+ of those prospects to look at your profile and sales information?
  • ​Would you want to learn how to do this with just 30-minutes per day?
This popular LinkedIn Recipe is based on decades of first-hand knowledge and experience of prospecting on LinkedIn. We've tested and discovered the best methods to move those new LinkedIn prospects through a proven 7-step sales funnel set up with very specific recipe ingredients to provide you with a large pipeline of pre-qualified leads to get and close sales appointments.
Ingredients Of The LinkedIn Lead Generation Recipe Include:
Key Ingredient #1 - The Best Way To Prospect For Leads On LinkedIn Is Unpacked
  • The recipe reveals the method that we found has worked the best and the proper way you should go about prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • ​LinkedIn allows you to directly reach the key decision makers without you having to maneuver around those cagey gatekeepers.
  • ​Using LinkedIn’s targeting criteria, you can find and zero in on your ideal prospect. 
  • Why we like Sales Navigator because it provides detailed criteria selection options. But, it isn't necessary.
Key Ingredient #2 - Yes, You Really Can Get Your Prospects To Tell You Their Pain Points! We Reveal The Secret
  • I reveal the #1 method that works almost every time.
  • The wording to use for different industries to get maximum results.
  • The one thing you should NEVER DO is disclosed.
Key Ingredient #3 - The Fastest and Easiest Way To Convert The Prospect Into A Lead Revealed
  • The reason why moving too quickly here can derail all your efforts is explained.
  • You will see why this Ingredient is so critical to your recipe success and why it can't be skipped or done out of order.
  • Like the electric mixer saved time and effort over manual stirring, we will show you the software that we use to automate this ingredient.
Key Ingredient #4 - How To Qualify Those Leads Into Cold - Warm - Hot Leads
  • You discover the best way to determine if a prospect is cold, warm, or hot lead.
  • You will discover our favorite way to get a lead to pre-qualify themselves as a warm or hot lead.
  • The #1 mistake you can make at this stage is exposed and how to avoid making it is revealed.
Key Ingredient #5 - Discover The Automated Secrets That Nurture Your Leads While Your Sleeping
  • Why automation prevents you making the most common deadly mistake in lead generation.
  • We explain how to put aside your personal bias and sell to your customers the way they want to be sold.
  • How to know when the lead is ready and willing to buy from you and how to get them to take action.
Key Ingredient #6 - Learn How To Establish Yourself As The Expert In Your Field - And, Why It Matters
  • You will discover why it's important you be recognized as the expert in the lead's eyes.
  • The easiest way for you to obtain this expert status is revealed.
  • You will see how this ingredient can qualify your leads further leading to you getting the sales appointment.
Key Ingredient #7 - Setting The Sales Appointment
  • You will understand how all the previous six ingredients worked together to get you more qualified appointments.
  • You will discover that your leads have been pre-sold and are more willing to buy at the appointment.
  • Think of all the extra time you will have while getting more qualified sales appointments and closing more sales.
So, Here's The Bottom Line About This LinkedIn Recipe...

You get the downloadable ebook that walks you step-by-step through each ingredient from start to finish. You get all the insiders-only instruction on how to use common software to help you automate parts of the recipe so you can get more sales appointments faster with less effort. You get the exact LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Recipe you need to succeed!

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LinkedIn Sales Lead Generation Recipe

LinkedIn generates 3x more conversions than Twitter or Facebook.

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% from Twitter and 7% from Facebook

Stay Linked In,
Greg Cook
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